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First Extraordinary building in Gakenke

Residents of Gakenke District in the Northern Province of Rwanda are happy that their district administration has started working in the new extraordinary building in the District.

The new district office building is located in Kabaya Village, Rusagara Cell in Gakenke Sector, and is the first of its kind in the district.

New Office

Some see this building as a miracle, as it is the first time they have seen such building complete in their District.

Uwibambe Gaspard says: “This is the first time in Gakenke District that I have seen such a wonderful house! I am one of those who is eager to go for a service and go up to that building which I would call Paradise. This is a new history written in our Gakenke! ”

During its construction, about 1,200 people in the District were employed, enabling them to earn a living for their families, and others to save, so that the money they earned is ready to generate income for them.

One of them says: “At the time of its construction we have found employment, enabling us to support our families, others have been saved, rabbits have also bought, small livestock such as cows and so on. We are grateful to the leadership of our country for taking care of us, and for bringing us this extraordinary building in our district. ”

Gakenke District is one of the mountainous regions in Rwanda. Due to its nature, it is also inhabited by a large number of low-income people living on agriculture, especially of vegetables and fruits.

Rwanda’s government programs include continuing to develop the community with no one left behind.

The new Gakenke District office is built on the outskirts of Mount Kabuye, a popular tourist destination. It has 56 rooms, in addition to other small and large rooms for meetings.

Gakenke District vice Mayor for Economic Development, Niyonsenga Aimé François, says that employees will no longer work in the poor conditions.

Former District Office



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