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Nyarugenge Intermediate Court recommends conciliation in ‘Bannyahe’-City of Kigali case


The Nyarugenge Intermediate Court has recommended a mediation between Kigali and residents of Kangondo and Kibiraro villages in Nyarutarama Cell, Remera Sector, Gasabo District.

The recommendation was made on Thursday, 6th 2021 during the hearing of a case involving the City of Kigali and about 25 residents of Kangondo and Kibiraro villages known as Bannyahe area.

It is a case that has been postponed four times for various reasons, including the Covid-19 epidemic and the fact that the city of Kigali had not yet found Lawyers.

The residents sued the city of Kigali after refusing the compensation they had been given to relocate to another place. The demolition of houses in the area which is considered one of the areas in a disorganized and unfavourable housing in the city of Kigali, and modern building construction began in September 2017.

After refusing the compensation, they immediately filed a lawsuit in the Nyarugenge Intermediate Court accusing the city of Kigali of giving them unfair compensation adding that the city of Kigali should compensate them in accordance with the law. All 25 residents were given the same case number with the same defendants.

On Thursday, a panel of three judges and a court clerk entered the courtroom, and the presiding judge first asked if all the parties were present.

After finding that all are present including the accused the hearing started

The City of Kigali in this case is represented by Me Safari Vianney and Me Shema Gerard and the residents of Kangondo and Kibiraro are represented by lawyers including Me Buhuru Pierre Célestin, Me Songa Jean Paul, Me Ndihokubwayo Innocent and Me Umararangu Priscila.

The judge spoke to both sides about the benefits of resolving disputes through consensus, rather than continuing in court.

The parties agreed to settle the dispute amicably, electing Nshimiyimana Didace, who chaired the hearing and the Vice President of the Nyarugenge Intermediate Court, as their mediator.

As the mediation process began, Kigali City Attorney Me Safari Vianney immediately requested the mediator to postpone it and resume it next week so that they could first report it to the Kigali City Council.

Judge Nshimiyimana Didace immediately adjourned the mediation to resume on May 13, 2021 at 8:00 AM.

Me Buhuru Pierre Célestin told the media that the fact that they were advised to adhere to the mediation was a good thing because what is needed is to resolve the dispute amicably.

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