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GASABO: Government officials commend KOABIGA Cooperative for efficient use of the Marshland

Various officials, including Minister of State in the Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and officials from the City of Kigali and Gasabo District as well, have commended the progress made by the KOABIGA Farmers’ Cooperative which cultivate various vegetable types that are exported to the international and domestic markets.

The Cooperative works in Gasabo District marshland in the city of Kigali City.

It is a cooperative that started small but continues to grow and expand its operations.

Officials commend the Cooperative’s work on June 2nd, 2021 during a visit by various officials including the Dr. NGABITSINZE Jean Chrysostome, Minister of State of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources., the Vice Mayor of the City of Kigali in charge of Economic Development, Head of RAB Rubirizi Station, officials from the district among others.

The goal of the visit was to assess the use of the Marshland in t

According to officials the visit was aimed at assessing the use of marshlands and addressing the various issues raised by farmers, providing various advice on issues identified in terms of the available agricultural opportunities in Kigali City and AOBs

Mr. Ndagijimana Emmanuel, Head of KOABIGA cooperative said that “Hon. The Minister of State has asked us to continue to work hard to be more productive and assured us that the Government is also ready to do its utmost to address our concerns as soon as possible.”

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 “Our guests appreciated the steps we have made in the short time and also gave us various tips to increase Yields while at the same time improving our living conditions.” Mr. Ndagijimana added

The guests took the opportunity to visit the flood-prone part of the marshland and assured the Cooperative that the administration will help in resolving all these issues.

KOABIGA Cooperative already has experience in cultivating various types of vegetables that are sold on the international and domestic markets as earlier mentioned.

The Cooperative is made of 980 permanent members but employs more than 800 other residents who work in various agricultural activities in the five zones where the Cooperative operates.

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