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Rwanda South: 270 Needy families get small livestock to lift them out of extreme poverty


By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

270 needy families from Huye, Nyanza and Nyamagabe districts were provided with goats in order to improve their living conditions.

The small animals were donated by the Rwanda Farmers’ Organization ‘IMBARAGA’ in collaboration with Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium (VSF-Belgium) and Rotary Club International.

Jean-Paul Munyakazi, the Legal Representative of Imbaraga Farmers’ organisation, said they had decided to help the needy families after the assessment made in collaboration with the concerned districts to find out the neediest families who can be supported as part of alleviating them from the extreme poverty.

The targeted families are from the first and second categories of Ubudehe.

Ubudehe categories refer to the economic life standing of households, and are utilized as a planning tool or baseline by national policy makers, policy implementers, and researchers.

Mr. Munyakazi explains that the reason these families were given goats is because they are easy to breed and do not require a lot of resources.

“During these three months we have helped 270 families where each family is given four goats and four families will share one male goat,” he said.

“We used to give them goats and pigs, but it turned out that some of them had difficulties raising them. Pigs require a lot of resources that a poor person cannot afford because they need a lot. The reason why we give them goats is that they are easy to breed. As they continue with economic transformation in their respective families they will be able to buy pigs or cows themselves.” Mr. Munyakazi added.

He noted that there are some families who have come out of poverty, thanks to small livestock given to them in the past years.

“Some have bought milk cows for themselves,” Munyakazi revealed.

He urges others to follow that example.

Each family were given four goats

Some residents of Rwaniro Sector in Huye District who were given goats said they are going to take good care of them to help them move out of poverty.

Nyiramana Claudine said, “They have given me four goats, I am ready to take care of them and I hope they will help me get out of poverty. Goats produce twice a year, and they are easy to breed. I am ready to move out of the extreme poverty category in about a year”

Rusizi François also said that based on the livestock and other assistance he has been given he is ready to get out of extreme poverty by next year 2022.

“They have constructed a house for me in the village and now I am given livestock. These animals will reproduce and give me manure. They have really helped me now that I am happy, and I will be out of extreme poverty next year. ” Rusizi said.

Huye District JADF coordinator, Kayitare Léon Pierre said the district partners are contributing a lot to alleviate the people from poverty.

Mr. Kayitare explained that in Huye District there were 7,864 families living in extreme poverty based on the statistics of the year 2020/2021.

Huye District JADF coordinator, Mr. Kayitare Léon Pierre

The administration in collaboration with partners pledged to support those through various ways and the year 2020 ended with about 5095 of them being able to make significant progress as the rest of the families are being helped with basic living.

“Partners are involved in this because their activities uplift the community. They not only come to give them the goats but also they educate them through their groups where they can exchange ideas while at the same time initiate them to the saving culture,” he said.

Dr. Mahara Isidore, President of Rotary Club of Butare said they have invested $ 85,000 in this project

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