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United States Launches $14.8 Million Agricultural Exports Program in Rwanda


KIGALI (February 18, 2022) —The United States is committed to partnering with the people and Government of Rwanda to increase economic growth through agricultural investment.  Today, as part of that commitment, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) officially launched a $14.8 million, 5-year agricultural export program.  The program is entitled Feed the Future Rwanda Kungahara Wagura Amasoko (“prosper while expanding markets”) and is designed to inclusively and sustainably boost economic growth.  The activity plans facilitation of $300 million in new investments into Rwanda’s high-value agricultural export sector, which includes coffee, tea, horticulture and spices, and livestock products such as dairy and hides.

The activity will work with and through the Government of Rwanda, the private sector, and civil society to facilitate an inclusive and resilient policy and regulatory environment and mobilize public and private investment toward increased high-value agricultural products.

During the launch in Kigali, USAID/Rwanda Mission Director Mr. Jonathan Kamin said:  “The goal of this activity is to achieve at least 12 percent annual growth in targeted agricultural commodities exported at a national level, an increase of income of 50 percent to 75 percent for at least 100,000 households and $300 million value of private investments mobilized by and through Government of Rwanda agencies.”        

Presiding over the launch, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) Honorable Dr. Jean-Chrysostome Ngabitsinze said:  “ Partnerships with the private sector and civil society organizations to reach a huge number of exporters across a number of high-value agricultural products is critical.  Joining efforts and collaboration with USAID projects, other donors supporting the sector as well as other local stakeholders is encouraged.

The U.S. Feed the Future Rwanda Kungahara Wagura Amasoko is expected to achieve:

  • $300 million USD in private investment and commitments mobilized by and through GOR agencies as a result of U.S. Government support;
  • 168% increase in value of targeted agricultural commodities exported at a national level;
  • 50% increase in income for at least 127,000 households, including women and youth, through participation in agricultural export value chains and services;
  • At least 30 new or adapted agricultural enabling environment policies analyzed, consulted on, drafted or revised, approved, and implemented with U.S. Government assistance; and
  • 500 firms accessing agriculture-related investment as a result of U.S. Government support.

U.S. Feed the Future Rwanda Kungahara Wagura Amasoko is implemented by a consortium led by RTI International with partners J.E. Austin Associates, Dalberg Advisors, LixCap, and Vanguard Economics. 

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