May 20, 2024


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New documentary follows the emotional journey of an anti-poaching dog in Zimbabwe

A new, moving documentary has been released by Dogs 4 Wildlife following the incredible journey of an anti-poaching dog, Shinga, as she arrives in Zimbabwe to protect endangered rhinos and elephants. Created by an award-winning filmmaker in Zimbabwe (Tigzozo Media), this documentary offers fascinating first-hand insight into the realities of South Africa’s poaching epidemic and the brave dogs fighting back at the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dogs 4 Wildlife provide both highly trained dogs and specialised training for rangers themselves, in order to support and develop exceptional anti-poaching canine units. Through effective education, they strive to inspire the next generation of wildlife protectors, whilst harnessing the natural instincts of these fiercely determined dogs. Together, the dogs and rangers become a force to be reckoned with.

Shinga is the second specialist dog to be deployed to the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary, where she will continue to receive specialist training and begin her invaluable work. More specifically, Shinga will be patrolling the Sanctuary’s boundaries, checking for signs of poacher incursions.

Should this occur, Shinga and her canine partner, fellow anti-poaching dog Murwi, can be used as a quick reaction force; a response which is undoubtedly necessary given the urgency of Zimbabwe’s poaching crisis. Between January and December 2021, 451 rhinos were devastatingly slaughtered for their horn in South Africa alone – a proactive response has never been more critical and with Shinga’s help, the Imire team are working passionately to protect Zimbabwe’s endangered wildlife. More specifically, black and white rhinos and three adult elephants within their sanctuary walls. Of course, Imire’s highly trained ranger units have always worked tirelessly to protect these animals from the plight of poachers; Dogs 4 Wildlife’s exceptional dogs simply aid their efforts.

Discussing Shinga’s journey, the incredible work she’ll be doing in Zimbabwe, Darren Priddle, Founder of Dogs 4 Wildlife, says:

“What an absolute honour for us to be involved in such a wonderful project. The deployment of Shinga to help protect and conserve Imire’s wildlife and the efforts of all those involved in the culmination of this project is just phenomenal, we hope that we can showcase to the wider public just what can be achieved by collaborating together for such vital causes.”

As a charitable organisation, Dogs 4 Wildlife rely heavily on donations and support. In this instance, leading raw dog food brand ProDog Raw helped support the cause by sponsoring Shinga’s journey.

When the ProDog team heard about Shinga and the hard work she was set to pursue in the future, they knew they wanted to support her in the best way they knew how – by providing her with a diet that would facilitate her physical and mental development. With that, ProDog Raw equipped Shinga with nutritionally balanced, pre-prepared meals, treats, and supplements. They then went on to fund her training and travel costs to Zimbabwe too.

Commenting on why they chose to sponsor Shinga and the importance of this documentary, ProDog Raw’s CEO, Heidi Maskelyne, says:

‘This documentary is incredibly powerful. Knowing these dogs are helping to courageously protect endangered animals in Zimbabwe is inspiring in and of itself; seeing their hard-work up close is something else entirely. I hope that everyone who watches this appreciates just how desperate the situation is in South Africa and, of course, how strong the dogs must be both physically and mentally to do such important work. Most importantly, we hope it helps to raise invaluable donations, allowing even more specialist trained, fantastic dogs to be deployed and support the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary.

We are honoured that our food has fueled Shinga and helped to make her the healthy, powerful dog she is today. From the inside out, our products have supported and enhanced her wellbeing, putting her in the best possible position before her travels. Now, she will continue to enjoy a raw diet in Zimbabwe. Shinga is the epitome of a thriving dog and that really is attributable to her raw food diet.’

This documentary includes expert commentary from the team at the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary, fantastic footage of Shinga on the ground, and insight into how these spectacular, endangered species are protected. It is truly a must-see for every animal lover and conservation advocate.

Be sure to watch this powerful and moving documentary now on YouTube

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