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Dady de Maximo ART PEACE, Kigali City, others shine capabilities of PwDs in a dedicated Job Fair Festival

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

Juru Handicap Art House Ltd, Dady de Maximo ART PEACE, Counseling and Wellness Center Ltd and Juru Initiative in collaboration with Kigali City has organized the Rwanda Inclusive Arts and Job Fair Festival (RIAJFF) with a heartfelt ambition to link People with Disabilities with employers, TOP AFRICA NEWS reports.

The Job Fair Festival which was held on Thursday in Kigali was an opportunity for people with disabilities to meet with employers and a platform for them to show their talents, skills and potentials and to prove to the community that they are capable and worthy.

Speaking at the event, Rwanda’s Minister of Public Service and Labour Ms. Rwanyindo K. Fanfan told the PwDs that “Having a disability does not mean that you are incompetent”

“Your abilities are different from other people’s abilities and you complement each other,” Minister Rwanyindo said.

“What we want is for all of us in society to change our mindset. No one should be deprived of certain services or rights due to their disability. Everyone needs to change the mindset that people with disabilities should be excluded.” She emphasised.

According to the Labour Force Survey Annual Report 2021 by NISR about 15.5 percent of the working age persons with disabilities were labour force participants, and the unemployment rate of persons with disabilities identified as the same as other persons without any type of disability. Time related underemployment rate (%) in the past five years: (2017; 29.9%), (2018; 32%), (2019; 27.1%), (2021:31.2%).

It is obvious/clear/reasonable that the rate of unemployment is not consistent with the ability, skills and talents that the people with disabilities are entrusted with.

Delivering her remark, the Vice Mayor In charge of Socio-Economic Affairs/City of Kigali, Ms. Urujeni Martine congratulated the participants of the Job Net and urged the employers to refrain from dismissing people with disabilities because the ability to demonstrate in the workplace when they get an opportunity is far beyond what the company thinks.

“Based on the activities of people with disabilities as exhibited here or by looking at the testimonials provided by employers who testify that they are doing well, this shows us that their efforts should not be undermined either in public institutions, by the private sector and by the individual in need of an employee.” Ms. Urujeni said.

According to the Job net organizers, this one was also organized to raise awareness about the ability and worthiness of people with disabilities both within the arts sector, and more broadly within the society, to break down barriers, to change perceptions, to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities, to provide a platform that presents world-class collaborative artistic works by artists living with and without disabilities, to defy stigma and stereotypes, to highlight art through the perspective of disability, but also to play an integral part in creating an inclusive arts industry where everyone is welcome and can thrive.

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