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Why would an intelligent business person choose not to start their own business?

By Alex Draghicescu,

Do you know the story of the two frogs in the pail of milk?

Here goes:

Once upon a time, two frogs fell in a pail of fresh milk.

They tried and tried jumping out of the pail time and time again without succeeding.

They kept on trying for a long time until one of them, exhausted from all the paddling and jumping, said to the other, “There is no point in trying to escape any longer, I know we’re going to die in here. There is no hope…”

… and left herself sink to the bottom of the pail to drown.

The other frog, saddened by the loss of her friend, didn’t know what to do and just kept paddling around in the milk, hoping to find a way out there.

After a while, she noticed the milk was thickening up and was getting harder to paddle.

What was happening?

Because of all the paddling, the milk was beginning to turn into cream, and then into butter.

And so, encouraged by this, she kept on paddling until the liquid hardened enough for her to jump out of the pail.

The little frog was saved!

Persistence had saved her life.

The point of the story?

Sometimes being too smart can work against you.

To succeed in life and business you need to be a little dumb sometimes.

Intelligent people just “know” why something wouldn’t work, and they are very good at coming up with reasons to back it up.

But my experience taught me that, to build a business based on your own idea, you have to be persistent against all odds.

Even if that makes you “dumb” in front of others.

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