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Dr. Frank Habineza Speaks Out Against Injustice: From Ukraine to Uganda, Unity and Diversity are Key

South Korea: 8 June, 2023: Dr. Frank Habineza, Member of Parliament of Rwanda, President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and Presidential Candidate for the 2024 elections, stood up at the 5th Global Greens Congress to condemn Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and Uganda’s harshest anti-LGBTQ law, which includes the death penalty. He called for stronger unity and respect for diversity.

In his Keynote speech during at the 5th Global Greens Congress themed, Unity and Empowerment through Diversity, reiterated that the congress will help to strengthen global unity which was threatened by COVD 19 and continues to be threatened by bad old-fashioned politics and unjustifiable wars around the world.

He said “Look at the much suffering happening to Ukrainian people. This Russian war of aggression must stop and we should all remain united in condemning it and standing with the Ukrainian people.” 

He reminded that last month, specifically on 29th of May 2023, the Government of Uganda enacted the world’s harshest anti LGBTQ law which includes death penalty.

 As some have said this is indeed ‘a legalised state sponsored homophobia and transphobia, a tragic violation of human rights’.

Dr. Frank said “I know that we all come from different cultures, religious beliefs and other social differences, but I request you as the Global Greens community to remember that in our Global Greens Charter we agreed that death penalty should be eliminated globally. We need to adopt a resolution in this congress condemning this anti-LGBTQ law in Uganda.”

He also spoke on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi adding that “The state sponsored violence through hate radios, mass political parties’ meetings-rallies and trained militias which destroyed innocents’ lives, just because they were born Tutsi.”

From this background, Dr. Frank Habineza noted that “We need to continue standing with people affected by unjustifiable wars like in Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere.”

“Our global peace message and non-violence should be heard. And the slogan – never again to another genocide should become real, because we live in a world where political actors have no shame of practicing genocide against their people.” He emphasized.

“The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda appreciates the new Rwanda state policies of unity and reconciliation which have helped people of Rwanda to co-exist within their diverse differences and have been able to build their country together.” He said.

 “With this experience I fully understand what state-sponsored violence and homophobia can bring and strongly condemn it. When any hateful acts of violence occur to one of us, we are all affected. I hope the recent events happening in Africa will instead unify, strengthen and empower us in our diversity.” He added.

He concluded his remarks calling for the continued stand for Liberty and Justice for all, for social justice, non-violence and grassroots and participatory democracy.

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