May 24, 2024


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Unmasking Rusesabagina: The Surprising Turn of Events That Expose His Hidden Political Agenda


Rwandan Paul Rusesabagina, known for his involvement in attacks that caused deaths in Nyaruguru District, has recently released a message aimed at damaging Rwanda’s reputation internationally. Despite being imprisoned and later granted clemency by President Kagame, Rusesabagina had previously declared that he would no longer participate in Rwandan politics.

In a video message released on July 1,2023, which marked Rwanda’s Independence Day, Paul Rusesabagina explicitly declares that the pardon he received was not solicited but rather a result of the pressure exerted by foreign nations, including the USA on Rwanda. This is viewed as showing contempt for justice in Rwanda and undermining the country’s leadership.

Remember that Paul Rusesabagina was charged of supporting the armed wing of his opposition political platform, the Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change. The armed group claimed some responsibility for attacks in 2018 and 2019 in southern Rwanda in which nine Rwandans died including children and mothers.

Before his release, President Paul Kagame said Rwanda would not be bullied over Rusesabagina.

“We don’t get stuck with our past. We move into the future,” Kagame said during a video interview at the Global Security Forum.

The reappearance of Rusesabagina in activities criticizing Rwanda’s politics and its leaders is not surprising. Rusesabagina was unexpectedly apprehended by Rwandan security agents while he was traveling to seek support to continue causing terror in Rwanda.

The arrest of Rusesabagina served as a lesson for those who hold contempt for Rwanda’s security forces. Analysts suggest that if he continues to make mistakes that contribute to the perpetuation of crimes in Rwanda as tarnishing the country’s image , he may face legal consequences as well.

This website understands that there are Rwandans living abroad who are actively engaged in defaming Rwanda and making every effort to undermine the peace and freedom of the country’s citizens. Their objective is to fight against the government to get means of providing for their families living in foreign countries.

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