April 19, 2024


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‘Burna Boy sounded like he was from Jamaica on my song’ –Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes salutes Burna Boy once again. Photo; [Daily post].

Busta Rhymes has been praising Burna Boy nonstop since their ‘Roboshotta’ partnership.

The legendary American rapper Busta Rhymes has complimented Nigerian musician Burna Boy on his range, saying that in their new song Roboshotta, he sounds very Jamaican.

Busta made his claim in the most recent episode of the podcast Shopping for Sneakers, where he appeared as a guest star. He emphasized that Burna Boy made a huge difference, a positive one, on the track and sounded entirely different.

He said, “The original beat Pharrell produced for me and Burna Boy’s song Roboshotta was a different beat. Burna Boy sounds crazy on the song, right? Burna sounded like he was from Jamaica on the song.”

The rapper has complimented Burna Boy twice in the last week. The first time, he called working with the Nigerian one of the most amazing experiences ever and praised his productivity and focus.

“Working with Burna Boy was one of the most incredible experiences I had in my life. Because he’s fast, efficient and very clear. When he knows what he’s gonna do, he ain’t wasting no time, and he’s super dangerously cold with it.” Said the rapper.

“And I’m like I’ve got some shit I wanna play you too, so I’m playing him the album and about four songs and the third one Roboshotta and he was like, ‘Hey yo, what’s that’ that’s the song Pharell did for me. So, I played two more songs, played about five songs. So, we talking and drinking some juice and everything was perfection.” He added.

The two men have gotten along well since Busta Rhymes praised Burna Boy for selling out Citi Field Stadium in New York in July 2023 and the American appeared in the Nigerian artist’s Big 7 music video in August.

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