May 20, 2024


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Unleashed Fury: M23 Rebels vs. The DJI Matrix 350D

Don’t ever play with the gladiator undertaker sniper. They say, if survival depended solely on fighting, a human being would bravely face a hundred hungry lions.

Many people have seen that the M23 rebels shot down a Congolese military drone in Kirolirwe. This particular drone is the DJI Matrix 350D, which is made in China and primarily used by students for research in China.

However, it can also be utilized by scouts and farmers; surprisingly, it is being used by the military in Congo. While the drone itself is not particularly expensive, the one that M23 shot down had an H20N lens, which significantly increases its worth.

The drone alone costs about $10,000, but with the lens, it totals approximately $27,000. The FARDC proudly showcased these drones to the public when they first bought them.

This week the drone was shot down by M23 rebels using a captured Congolese sniper rifle called the DAN IWI 338, made in Israel. This rifle is known for its accuracy, capable of hitting targets up to 1,200 meters or 1.2 kilometers away.

The drone was equipped with GPS, which was being used to guide Congolese fighter jet, Sukhoi Su-25 in bombing M23 positions. However, the familiarity of the M23 soldiers with the area, particularly those who were born and raised in, Karenga, Kirolirwe or the surrounding region, made it easier for them to target and shoot down the drone.

M23’s knowledge of the terrain allowed them to remain calm and accurately aim at any targets within their territory.

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