June 19, 2024


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Nyagatare District Ready to Meet Milk Demand for New Milk Powder Factory

The administration of Nyagatare District has announced its readiness to meet the milk requirements of the new milk powder factory, which will need over 650 thousand liters per day. The district administration has taken several measures to ensure an adequate supply of milk, including providing modern grass to farmers on more than 1,000 hectares of land. Additionally, they have distributed over 1,000 shittings for rainwater reservoir and constructed cow-barns with the assistance of RAB through the Rwanda Dairy Development Project-RDDP, with the government funding 60% of the project.

Mayor Gasana Stephen of Nyagatare expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in collaboration with the RDDP project, which began operating in the district in 2017. He acknowledged the project’s significant role in improving the quality of milk by changing farmers’ attitudes and supporting activities that enhance productivity. The initiatives have helped farmers prepare for the dry season by enabling them to store grass, as Nyagatare District experiences high levels of sunlight that can dry out crops.

Mayor Gasana urged breeders to continue growing and storing grass to ensure a consistent milk supply during the dry season. He emphasized the importance of having enough food for the cows and encouraged farmers to plant sufficient grass and utilize leftover crops effectively.

Mayor Gasana acknowledged that the market demand has surpassed the previous capacity, and expressed gratitude to the government for establishing the new factory. He stressed the need for farmers to seize this opportunity and meet the factory’s demands.

Farmers who spoke to MUHAZIYACU praised the RDDP project for significantly improving their income and resolving their previous market challenges. Mugarura Leonidas stated that the project had been instrumental in ensuring an adequate milk supply without any difficulties, as it taught them effective feeding methods for their cows.

Maniriho Nicodème shared how the project had transformed his dairy production, increasing his daily milk yield from a low quantity to 12 liters. He expressed his gratitude for the upcoming factory, which would further support their efforts.

Nyagatare District is renowned as a hub for agriculture and livestock breeding. Currently, 176 farmer groups from 14 sectors are participating in the RDDP project. It is estimated that around 100,000 households in the district are engaged in cattle rearing.

Overall, the administration of Nyagatare District, in collaboration with the RDDP project, is committed to meeting the milk requirements of the new milk powder factory. Through their efforts to provide modern grass, water reservoirs, and other necessary support, they aim to ensure a sustainable and thriving dairy industry in the region.

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