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More than 32,000 deaths registered in 2023 across Rwanda

A total of 32,853 deaths occurred in 2023 were registered in the same year, of which 53.8% occurred outside health facilities, according to Rwanda Vital Statistics Report 2023, released by the Rwanda National Institute of Statistics.

This report aims to showcase the progress made by Rwanda in improving civil registration and vital statistics system and to assess how far the country is toward attaining the targets set under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It can be a useful tool to inform relevant policies and decisions and, guide strategic interventions aimed at improving the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics system. Vital statistics are used to derive the fundamental demographic and epidemiological measures that are needed in national planning across multiple sectors such as education, labour and health.

The comparison of registered deaths with expected deaths gives 41.8% completeness rate of death registration in 2023, up from 31.1% in 2022. Mortality statistics show a high number of registered deaths among males compared to females with a sex ratio at death equivalent to 121.1 males’ deaths per 100 females’ deaths in 2023, almost the same result as the 2022 result (122.2), reads the report.

The Civil Registration and Vital Statistics system collects information on causes of death occurring at health facilities and deaths occurring in community.

At health facilities, cause of death information is basically provided by medical doctors who certify death by filling a standard Medical Certificate of Cause of Death while in community, cause of death information is obtained through Verbal Autopsy interview.

The results show that only 64.8% of causes of death recorded by health facilities are usable for policies and decisions, a decrease from 67% in 2022. This highlights the need to enhance quality improvement measures to raise the quality of cause of death recorded at health facilities.

The results also show that 43% of usable cause of deaths recorded by health facilities were due to communicable diseases, 46% to non-communicable diseases while 11% were due to external causes (injuries).

With regard to community deaths, the results from Computerized Diagnostic Algorithm show that 90% of community causes of death recorded are usable for policies and decisions.

The results show that 28.6% of usable community causes of death recorded were due to communicable diseases, 61.2% to non-communicable diseases while 10.2% were due to injuries (external causes).

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