May 28, 2024


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President Kagame Inspires Youth Volunteers to Embrace Self-Reliance and Seize Opportunities

President Paul Kagame urged the youth of Rwanda to take initiative and find solutions on their own, rather than depending on others. He emphasized that the country’s development begins with individuals finding ways to address challenges themselves.

Speaking to over 7,500 youth volunteers on Tuesday, marking a decade since the inception of their activities, President Kagame stressed the importance of self-reliance in sustaining positive changes. He advised against succumbing to pressure and encouraged everyone to reflect on their circumstances and seek ways to bring about positive change.

Drawing from his own experiences as a young person facing hardships, President Kagame highlighted the value of questioning one’s situation and actively seeking solutions. He emphasized the need for youth to utilize their potential and avoid distractions that could hinder their progress.

President Kagame underscored the significance of seizing opportunities in the present moment, cautioning against squandering valuable time. He urged the youth to prioritize their actions and work collaboratively towards achieving meaningful outcomes.

Currently, Rwanda boasts over 1.9 million youth volunteers engaged in various initiatives aimed at promoting social welfare and development. President Kagame encouraged all young people to recognize their capabilities and contribute positively to society, emphasizing the importance of collective effort in fostering progress.

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