June 17, 2024


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Rwanda: Barafinda Sekikubo Fred Submits Candidacy for President in 2024

Barafinda Sekikubo Fred, who previously attempted to campaign for the position of President in 2017, has once again submitted his candidacy to the National Electoral Commission for the upcoming elections in July 2024. Accompanied by his wife, he was received by the President of the National Electoral Commission, Oda Gasinzigwa.

After submitting his candidacy, Barafinda expressed his happiness at taking this step and having his documents accepted by the Commission. He confidently stated, “The fact that my candidacy was accepted does not surprise me.”

Barafinda acknowledged the challenges he faced in gathering the 600 signatures required by the National Electoral Commission, likening it to climbing Mount Kalisimbi. Despite the difficulties, he emphasized the importance of faith and belief in God in overcoming obstacles.

He expressed his readiness to engage with Rwandans through a political party platform. Barafinda gained popularity in 2017 when his initial candidacy was rejected due to incomplete documents, garnering significant attention on social media.

In contrast to his previous campaign, Barafinda noted that Rwandans now have a better understanding of politics. He promised to share over 200 reasons outlining his manifesto with the press and highlighted his vision for African and global development, citing 2,000 and 20,000 reasons respectively.

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