June 17, 2024


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Rwanda: Hip Hop Artist Habimana Thomas AKA Thomson Announces Candidacy for President in 2024 Election

Hip Hop artist and art teacher, Habimana Thomas, also known as Thomson in the music industry, has officially submitted his candidacy to the National Electoral Commission as an independent candidate for the position of President in the upcoming July 2024 presidential election. 

Habimana, who resides in Rubavu District, filed his candidacy on May 29, 2024, making him the sixth person to enter the race for the presidency. Currently serving as the principal of Hope Technical School in Gisenyi Sector in Rubavu District, Habimana has over 13 years of experience as a teacher.

In explaining his decision to run for president, Habimana cited his personal history as a young person and his deep love for his country. He expressed his desire to contribute to the continued development and growth of Rwanda, stating, “I contribute to the construction of my country, I contribute to the achievement of the development of my country.”

Despite his current role as a school principal, Habimana emphasized that he has always had a passion for politics and felt compelled to step up and run for office when the time was right. He highlighted the importance of unity and progress in Rwanda, acknowledging the government’s efforts towards national development.

As an artist in the Hip Hop genre under the name Thomson, Habimana has collaborated on songs such as ‘Yaratwimanye’, ‘Menya ibyawe’, ‘ Ishyano’ among others. He views the presidency as a position of trust bestowed by the people and expressed hope for the future.

Habimana shared that he did not encounter any obstacles during the process of obtaining necessary documents for his candidacy. With a wife and children to support, he remains committed to both his role as an educator and his aspirations for political leadership in Rwanda.

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