July 15, 2024


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Minister Mujawamariya Resolves Land Issue in Bugarama

Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, the former Minister of Environment in Rwanda who now holds the position of Minister of Public Service and Labour, has resolved the land issue in Bugarama sector, in Rusizi District.

The residents had concerns regarding land use, claiming that the land in question did not fall within the boundaries of a Wetland. However, after an evaluation, it was determined that the land did indeed belong to the Wetland.

In an effort to assist the people of Bugarama, who met all requirements and were using government land that was not located in the Wetland or its buffer zones, Minister Mujawamaria said they would be provided with official land documents hence to become the new owners. This is part of ongoing efforts to support the residents in their agricultural endeavors and enable them to access loans from banks using their land as collateral.

As the messenger of President Paul Kagame to this matter, Minister Mujawamariya clarified that the residents were not claiming ownership of the land but were requesting the Government of Rwanda to allocate them land for agriculture and to use as collateral for loans.

TOP AFRICA NEWS Media has learnt that starting from Monday, land titles will be issued to residents for the parts of the land confirmed to be outside of the Wetland.

For the parts of the land within the Wetland and its boundaries, residents will have to sign concession agreements with the Ministry of Environment to use those plots as “users,” not owners.

This decision ensures that the land is used sustainably while allowing residents to continue farming and access financial opportunities through their land assets.

In Rwanda, the conservation of wetlands is vital particularly in protecting and promoting wetlands normal functions. Without appropriate management measures, drainage of wetlands and irrigated agriculture has the potential to create serious ecological imbalances both at the project site and in adjacent areas.

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