July 15, 2024


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Samiyonga Health Post: A Beacon of Hope for Muganza Residents

Residents of Samiyonga cell in the Muganza sector of Nyaruguru district are thrilled about the recent construction of a health post in their community. This development will greatly reduce the need for residents to travel to other sectors in search of medical services.

The Samiyonga Health Post was built through a partnership between the Society for Family Health (SFH) Rwanda, Nyaruguru district, and co-financed by the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW/Investment for Employment, at a cost of Rwf 80 million.

Silvan BIZIMANA, a resident of Samiyonga cell in Muganza, is optimistic about the impact of the new health post. He believes that it will significantly decrease the need for residents to seek medical care in neighboring sectors such as Nyabimata or Muganza health centers.

Diane NYIRANSABIMANA also shared her enthusiasm for the new health post, expressing frustration with the quality of care received in Nyabimata and Muganza. She highlighted the long journey residents had to make to access healthcare in those areas and the anticipation for the opening of the Samiyonga Health Post in July.

She emphasized the positive impact it will have on transportation, especially for children and adults who previously had to endure long nighttime journeys to reach Nyabimata. With the new health post just a 40-minute journey away, access to quality healthcare will be much easier for residents of Samiyonga cell.

Evariste RUKEMAMPUNZI emphasized the need for the clinic, citing challenges in reaching patients due to long journeys to medical services.

He expressed satisfaction with this health post, stating that the situation at Nyabimata health center was resolved, despite challenges and expressing gratitude for the management’s support.

Anicet TUYISHIME, Executive Secretary of the Muganza sector in Nyaruguru district, stated that the Samiyonga cell necessitated the urgent need for a health post.

He said, “Samiyonga is an isolated area near Nyungwe Forest, so it requires nearby medical services to provide treatment to its residents.”

TUYISHIME emphasized the need for improved services to reduce travel issues for the Samiyonga community, reducing trips to distant health centers.

He insisted that this would decrease the number of women giving birth at home and address various medical care issues faced by the Samiyonga community.

He emphasized that it would also help the students of G.S. Bigugu located in this sector because they were also finding it difficult to get medical services near them.

He continued that Samiyonga Health Post would also be beneficial to the students of G.S. Bigugu, who are currently facing difficulties in accessing medical services nearby.

He said, “GS Bigugu students’ medical problems were previously difficult to address due to long wait times and motorbike delays at Nyabimata Health Center, now conveniently located within three minutes.”

He revealed that the construction work on the health post is nearly complete and is expected to commence operations in July.

He said, “The construction work, scheduled for June 20, is nearing completion. SFH is working to find a suitable doctor for the area once it’s finished.”

TUYISHIME expressed his gratitude to partners and management for their support in building a health post and other activities for sustainable Muganza sector development.

He concluded by praising the country’s leadership for considering distant communities and focusing on improving services for those in need, noting that these efforts are part of a broader effort to unite and improve lives.

Samiyonga Health Post will provide comprehensive medical services, with a particular focus on maternity and dental care.

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