July 22, 2024


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From Conflict to Freedom: Rwanda’s Journey to Liberation

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

President Paul Kagame of the Republic of Rwanda delivered a powerful speech on Rwanda’s 30th Anniversary of the Liberation, expressing gratitude to those who liberated the country and honoring those who sacrificed their lives in the process. The President thanked all guests and friends who joined in the commemoration, highlighting the strength and progress of the Rwandan people.

Reflecting on the past three decades, President Kagame praised the Rwandan Patriotic Army for their role in providing safety and refuge to Rwandans during times of crisis. He emphasized the unity and trust that has been built between the security forces and the community, noting that Rwandans consistently rank their security forces among the highest in terms of trust in public institutions.

President Kagame also spoke about Rwanda’s defensive security posture, prioritizing cooperation and peace in the region. He emphasized the importance of political solutions to humanitarian crises, highlighting Rwanda’s commitment to peace and stability.

To the Youth:

Addressing the youth of Rwanda, President Kagame called on them to protect and defend their country, ensuring its prosperity and success for future generations. He urged young Rwandans to uphold the values of accountability, ambition, and civic engagement, emphasizing the importance of speaking up, taking part, and giving back to their community.

As Rwanda continues to progress and build a better future, President Kagame stressed the importance of remaining vigilant and committed to the principles of good governance and unity. He called on all Rwandans to work together towards a prosperous and dignified nation, playing their part in building a better continent and a fairer world.

In conclusion, President Kagame reiterated that real liberation begins when the guns fall silent, and expressed his confidence in the “liberation generation” to continue Rwanda’s journey towards success and prosperity.

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