July 19, 2024


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Embracing Hope: Dr. Frank Habineza’s Visionary Path on Rwanda’s Campaign Trail

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda presidential candidate, Dr. Frank Habineza, is praising for the positive reception he is receiving during his campaign for the presidency, and his activities continue to go well.

Dr. Frank Habineza presented his party’s manifesto to Rutsiro and Karongi District residents on July 3, 2024, where he also concluded campaign activities in Western Province.

The residents say that they engage in these activities to understand candidates’ plans for them and appreciate that no one is against their kindness and well-being.

Dr. Frank Habineza expressed his gratitude for the friendly reception of the residents, recognizing it as a sign of support for his plans.

In the Musasa Sector, Rutsiro District, Dr. Frank Habineza was warmly received by a large crowd of supporters and party activists, who sought his plans and objectives for the next five years.

He addressed the issues raised by the residents as a Member of Parliament and stated that most of them were resolved through collaboration with local authorities.

He expressed gratitude to the Rutsiro residents for their trust during his 2017 presidential campaign; the elections that led to his success in Parliament and the 70% promise he made have already been implemented, and he urged their support for his campaign.

Habineza promised Musasa Sector traders in Rutsiro District a modern market once elected president, eliminating the need for street work.

He said, “I heard that you need a market here, and I also saw that you sell outside on the street. Usually, the MPs play a big role in making different decisions, so, if you vote for me as the President of the Republic and our MP candidates are also elected, here a modern market should be built to prevent fraud or the effects of the sun on your food.”

While in Karongi, Habineza promised Karongi’s residents to establish a fund to promote agriculture and livestock to alleviate unemployment.

He said, “Since we found that almost 90% of Rwandans work in agriculture and animal husbandry, we will put a factory in each sector and assure the residents of Karongi that if it’s fish in Lake Kivu, it will be processed here in Karongi; the production you get will be processed here in your home without having to travel.”

Additionally, Dr. Frank Habineza promised to construct a hospital, a maternity hospital, and a vocational training school in the region.

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