July 19, 2024


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Gasamagera Wellars Confident in RPF Inkotanyi Victory in Upcoming Presidential Election

Campaign Activities of RPF Inkotanyi Community Show Confidence in Winning Presidential Election

Gasamagera Wellars, the Secretary General of the RPF Inkotanyi, expressed confidence in winning the upcoming presidential election at a satisfactory rate.

Speaking to Radio TV10 on July 10, 2024, he highlighted the ongoing campaigning efforts across the country, with members participating in large numbers and showing readiness to support their candidate, President Paul Kagame.

Wellars emphasized the positive reception their candidate has been receiving from the public, citing the enthusiasm and high turnout at campaign events as indicators of a successful outcome.

He dismissed criticism of the high voter turnout for RPF candidates, attributing it to the strong governance and trust that Rwandans have in their leadership.

Addressing concerns about electoral transparency, Wellars defended Rwanda’s election process, noting that the country’s history of conflict and recovery plays a role in shaping voter preferences.

He also highlighted the diverse political landscape, with multiple parties supporting different candidates, including Dr. Habineza Frank of the Green Party and independent candidate Philippe Mpayimana.

The election dates have been set for July 14 for Rwandans living abroad and July 15 for those within the country.

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