July 15, 2024


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US Ambassador Remarks on Situation in Democratic Republic of the Congo at UN Security Council Briefing

US Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan urges immediate action to protect civilians in the Congo conflict. She commended a humanitarian truce but condemned attacks and violence by armed groups. Sullivan called for continued support for MONUSCO in defending population centers and facilitating humanitarian access. She emphasized the need for accountability for human rights abuses.

US Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan

In a recent UN Security Council briefing on the situation concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo, US Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan highlighted the ongoing conflict in the region and called for immediate action to de-escalate tensions and protect civilians.

Ambassador Sullivan commended all parties for committing to a two-week humanitarian truce in eastern DRC, emphasizing the importance of regional diplomatic efforts in achieving lasting peace. She also praised MONUSCO for completing its drawdown from South Kivu, while expressing concerns about the impact on civilian protection and humanitarian access.

The Ambassador condemned the surging attacks by armed groups in Ituri province and the increased violence by the ISIS-affiliated Allied Democratic Forces. She called for continued support for MONUSCO in defending population centers and facilitating humanitarian access until more progress is made to de-escalate the conflict.

Ambassador Sullivan also expressed outrage at threats and obstructions by M23 and the Congo River Alliance against MONUSCO positions in North Kivu, urging Rwanda to engage in the Luanda Process to find a resolution to the conflict. She called for all parties to take precautions to protect civilian populations, especially those in IDP sites.

In conclusion, Ambassador Sullivan emphasized the need for immediate steps to de-escalate the conflict, commit to regional diplomatic processes, and hold accountable all actors responsible for human rights abuses. She urged the Council to authorize limited MONUSCO support to SADC’s mission within its area of deployment to further the goal of securing a political solution to the conflict.

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