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Aegis Trust short course on “Genocide and Mass Atrocities” Kicks Off

From this Monday 16th July 2018 to 20th July, The AEGIS Trust is holding a short course on “Genocide and Mass Atrocities: Actors, Causes and Responses”.

The five-day course will feature: (1) lectures to be delivered by Rwandan and non-Rwandan academics and practitioners; (2) facilitated experience-sharing and, (3) field visits.

The class is being attended by academics, teachers, trainers, policymakers and practitioners.

Speaking at the opening of the course, Felix Ndahinda, Head of research and High Education Program at AEGIS Trust said that “The course will help participants to have critical thinking so they can become part of the Genocide prevention.

He also added that “Everyone has applied for this course with the agenda of what he/she wants to enhance.”

One of the participants who is a Teacher in Northern Province of Rwanda, said for instance “Some teachers jump the chapter on Genocide because of lack of knowledge on how to teach Genocide related matters.”

Each participant is expecting to gain more knowledge on Genocide and Mass Atrocities: Actors, Causes and Responses”.


Aegis Trust is an international organisation that originated in the UK in 2000.

Its mission is to work towards the prediction, prevention and ultimately the elimination of genocide for the benefit of humanity, primarily through research, education and the dissemination of information and advice.

In 2002, Aegis Trust was invited to work with Rwandan authorities to establish the Kigali Genocide Memorial, which opened in 2004.

Rwanda has remained the largest country involvement for Aegis Trust up to the present, although Aegis plans to bring the lessons and inspiration of Rwandan peacebuilding experiences to other countries in east and central Africa as part of its regional strategy.

Dr. Phil Clark giving Presentation on Genocide Concepts

Topafricanews.com will be reporting news stories on the ongoing course which is taking place at Kigali Genocide Memorial Center’s Peace School.

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