June 17, 2024


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Huye: 1,123 out of 6739 genocide convicts want to meet survivors to seek forgiveness

Closing the Unity and Reconciliation Month in Huye District in the Southern Province of Rwanda, Today, 1,123 out of 6739 genocide convicts of Huye Prison have written letters requesting to meet with genocide survivors in order to seek forgiveness.

In Rwanda, many Genocide convicts have been showing the willingness to accept their crimes and request pardon to Genocide Survivors.

The Government of Rwanda supports this initiative of apologizing to Genocide survivors and pardoning Genocide Convicts in order to solidify the Unity and reconciliation as the most important solution to challenges that the country is facing since the aftermath of the Genocide.

The month was under the theme: “Strive for unity and reconciliation in the family”

Various activities were organized such as offering socio-economic support to the vulnerable, especially genocide survivors, visiting prisons to encourage genocide convicts to tell the truth about their cases, and consider effective reintegration of prisoners in line with fostering unity and reconciliation.

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