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Rwanda: Youth to overview Great Lakes Region conflicts and Sudan revolution

International PBI participants learning on The Genocide against Tutsi 1994 in Rwanda

Participants at the 2019 Summer International Peace-building program will overview the Great Lakes Region conflicts and Sudan revolution

The Bi-annual Peace-building program which is being conducted by the International Peace Building Institute aims at providing youth with peace-building skills through experiential learning in order to prevent genocide and future conflict in their respective communities.

The program brings together Rwandan, Regional and International University students and young professionals to explore concepts of genocide history and prevention, transitional justice processes, good governance and development as well as women, peace and security.

Peace-Building Institute promotes experience sharing and learning, creating a network of peace ambassadors and creates understanding of events that led to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis and Rwanda’s recovery process

This summer peace building dialogues and studies was attended by 14 participants from different countries, namely Rwanda, DRC, Poland, Gambia, Armania, USA, Czech Republic to talk about the conflicts resolutions for Great Lakes Region and Central Africa in general especially Sudan revolution.

The inclusion of young people in peace-building processes is bound to facilitate sustainable peace in a society, by redirecting the energies of young people to the implementation of constructive peace projects.

Incorporation and utilization of youths in peacebuilding processes would facilitate their transformation from agents of violent conflict, to agents of peace in their societies

The summer PBI will tackle the following themes:

– Genocide and Extreme Violence

– Women, Peace and Security

– Dealing with the Past – Transitional Justice

– Governance and Development in Post-Conflict Societies

It’s on the schedule that the participants will visit different places in Rwanda learning how Rwanda is progressing after Genocide, socially, politically, cultural and economically.


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