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New Nonprofit, World AgroEcology Alliance, Launch from Washington, D.C.



WAEA Provides a Platform to Restructure the Global Food System; Nonprofit to Kickoff with a Special Event for United Nations-Sponsored #WorldFoodDay 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 16, 2020 – A new nonprofit called the World AgroEcology Alliance (WAEA), today announced its formation in Washington, D.C. to bring together like-minded leaders and advocates from around the world to drive the necessary change and movement needed in policy, production practices, food processing, consumer habits, and food accessibility and affordability in a manner that will revitalize the global food system.

The alliance will serve as a mechanism to bring the developed Western world into the agroecological movement. It will deploy a platform underpinned by seven principles 1) Fairness for Farmers; 2) Localization & Diversification; 3) Wellness for All; 4) Demonstrating; 5) Socially Just; 6) Balanced; and 7) a One Earth mentality. 

Founding members include Palindromes Inc., Self Globe, and U.S. Farms.

“Currently, U.S. farmers are forced to rely heavily upon a yield-centric commoditized agri-industry-created model with market controls that tie directly to crop genetics, the suppression of unbiased sound science and decades of inaccurate propaganda,” said Karla Klingner, founding member of the WAEA and CEO of Palindromes, Inc., a founding organization. “Production is not financially viable without government policies that provide ongoing subsidies and bailouts and is not environmentally sustainable. The farmer cannot continue to produce by borrowing on net-worth while the hands-in-the middle obtain record-breaking profits. This bold shake-up of our modern-day industry being proposed cannot be achieved alone. We believe that we can in fact ‘grow, sustain and nourish together’ and the alliance is a necessary tool to accomplish just that.” 

Klingner continued, “Feeding the world should not be this hard. With approximately one-third of our world food supply wasted, the solution does not depend on producing more. Agroecology is what will feed the world by altering the ways in which we produce, access and consume food.”

The organization expects to establish a land fund, a platform for micro lending, a support to represent U.S. farmers in legal and policy matters and micro processing capabilities. 


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