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Umuganura Day: A Vibrant Celebration Uniting Agatare Village in Kigali, Rwanda!

On August4,2023, just like in every other part of Rwanda, the village of Agatare in the Kinyinya sector, Gasabo district, in the city of Kigali, once again hosts the annual Umuganura Day celebration.

Rwandans come together on this day to share their harvest, engage in discussions about Rwandan culture, and recommit themselves to fostering unity and collaboration in order to achieve development without compromising their cultural heritage.

This is an event attended by numerous persons, including the administration, citizens from all walks of life, and a large number of young people who represent the future of Rwanda.

During this event, several activities were conducted, such as various speeches that touch the ongoing process of reconstructing Rwanda. The attendees were encouraged not to dwell into Rwanda’s past tragedies but rather to persevere and work towards improving themselves.

Parents are also advised to continue taking care of their children’s health as they are the backbone of the country’s future. Furthermore, during the conversation, they were given a presentation on the origin of Umuganura where they discussed various aspects deeply rooted in Rwandan culture.


One of the parts that marked this colorful event include: providing milk to children and sharing a traditional meal.

Additionally, we must not forget about Runonko, which is renowned for its delicious, perfectly and traditionally baked sweet potatoes. Those who have enjoyed Runonko in their childhood, still vividly recalls the unforgettable taste of these sweet potatoes and the manner in which Runonko fostered camaraderie through collaborative efforts during the roasting process until they were ready to be enjoyed.

This event has become a tradition in the village of Agatare where every citizen has participated in its preparation.

Another interesting fact is that the children who took part in this event were introduced to one of the ancient traditions of Rwandans, which involved grinding sorghum to obtain flour that could be utilized in the preparation of various meals or beverages.

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