May 28, 2024


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Nyabihu: Small-scale farmers call for the support to get improved ruminant sheep breeds

Some farmers in Nyabihu District, Western Province, have requested assistance in finding high-quality breeds for small domestic animals, particularly sheep, in order to enhance their farming activities.

Nyabihu District is known for its small livestock breeding, with a focus on sheep. Residents claim that sheep rearing is relatively easy and cost-effective, with quick returns.

Nyirantezimana Daphrose from Byangabo Sector stated, “Raising sheep is simple and profitable as they reproduce quickly and are easy to feed. However, modern breeds are expensive and not easily accessible to us. We need support to acquire larger and improved breeds.”

Maniriho from Mukamira Sector added, “Sheep farming is lucrative nowadays, not only does it generate income quickly, but it also produces more organic manure compared to goats.”

Both sheep farmers and traders believe that improved breeds can contribute to the growth of this important sector.

Bizimana Placide, the Executive Secretary of Mukamira Sector, encourages people to invest in sheep farming as there is a strong market beyond Nyabihu District.

Ndayambaje Nathan, an Animal Production Technician at Gishwati RAB station, revealed that 50 new small ruminant breeding sheep were purchased through the Partnership for Resilient and Inclusive Small Livestock Markets (PRISM) Project to assist farmers in need of quality breeds. These Merino sheep, imported from Kenya in 2021, are larger and produce wool.

The project has distributed a total of 1,201 sheep to farmers and aims to reach 10,125 sheep. It has also supported the construction of 602 sheep housing units.

The PRISM project targets 26,355 households, including poor rural households, youth, and farmers under productive alliances. It focuses on climate-smart intensification of small livestock production systems, support for small livestock value chain development, and policy support and coordination.

With a total cost of US$45.64 million from IFAD, Enabel, Heifer International, and other partners, the five-year project began in 2021 and is set to conclude in September 2026.

Sheep at Mukamira Market built under PRISM Project
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