July 19, 2024


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A Look Ahead at Rwanda’s 2024 Presidential Election

As Rwanda prepares for its upcoming presidential election in July 2024, the political landscape is shaping up to be an intriguing one. With three candidates vying for the position of President of the Republic, voters can expect a diverse range of choices and perspectives on the future of the country.

Paul Kagame, representing the ruling RPF party, is considered the frontrunner in the race. As the incumbent president, Kagame has a strong record of accomplishment of leadership and development in Rwanda. His candidacy is likely to focus on continuing the progress made under his leadership and further advancing the country’s growth and stability.

Dr. Frank Habineza of the Democratic Green Party offers voters a different perspective, with a focus on environmental sustainability and social justice. His candidacy has garnered support from the party members across the country.

Philippe Mpayimana, running as an independent candidate, brings a unique background as a civil servant and former candidate in previous elections during which also Dr. Habineza competed. While he may be considered a little person in the race, Mpayimana’s platform and vision for Rwanda are still largely unknown. Voters will be looking to him to articulate his plans for the country and differentiate himself from the other candidates.

For sure, the 2024 presidential election in Rwanda promises to be an exciting and competitive race. With each candidate offering their own vision for the future of the country, voters will have the opportunity to make a choice that reflects their values and priorities. It is important for Rwandans to engage with the candidates, ask questions, and critically evaluate their platforms in order to make an informed decision on Election Day.

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