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Rwanda’s Green Party Promises Agricultural Revolution and Justice Reform

The presidential candidate of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR), Dr. Frank Habineza, along with 50 party parliamentary candidates, continued his campaign rallies in Nyagatare and Gatsibo Districts in the Eastern Province on Wednesday, June 26.

While in Mimuri Sector, Nyagatare District, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) was welcomed by the Vice Mayor in charge of economic development of Nyagatare District, Gonzag Matsiko.

In his speech, Mr. Matsiko assured Democratic Green Party of Rwanda activists that they were safe in the Nyagatare region.

He said, “You are free in this region because it’s also your home as Rwandans.”

Dr. Frank HABINEZA, the party’s chairperson and presidential candidate, told the huge crowd who participated in this event that the DGPR had come to announce its manifesto to them aimed at enhancing the well-being of Rwandan citizens and fostering national development.

He continued that there are many things included in the manifesto that they want to implement 100% if his party wins the elections.

Habineza emphasized the commitment of the justice system, particularly the police and RIB, to intensify efforts to prevent unjust imprisonment.

He said, “The young girls and boys who are treated as vagrants, prostitutes, are locked up in jails called “Transit Centers,” and the provisional imprisonment of 30 days is renewable several times in the search for evidence. Later, the victim is proven innocent with so much suffering; once elected president, I will eliminate this kind of thing.”

Regarding the use of mutual health insurance, Habineza emphasized the need for mutual health insurance users to receive medical treatment and purchase medications from pharmacies, as prescriptions are often unavailable.

He said that the Green Party is advocating for the availability of these medicines in health centers.

While in Gatsibo. Dr. Frank Habineza expressed gratitude to the people of Gatsibo for their trust during his 2017 presidential campaign; the elections that led to his success in Parliament and the 70% promise he made have already been implemented, and he urged their support for his campaign.

He promised school feeding for students, with Green Party participation, but emphasized malnutrition in Rwanda, urging everyone to have three daily meals.

He said, “We want to ensure that Rwandans are satisfied with their food and consume at least three meals daily, as many are reported to only eat once.”

He continued by saying that the problem of Rwandans, but most of them think about agriculture, is that when it rains and the dry season they stop cultivating.

He emphasized that if elected president, he would address Rwandans’ agricultural issues, which often focus on rainy seasons and neglect dry seasons.

He stressed that he plans to manage rainwater by collecting it in a lake-like hole for use after the rain has subsided.

He said, “We will use the rainwater harvesting method; we must take care of that water using technology. There is also water from the ground, and we can extract it using science, which I know for sure is possible because, where I have traveled in Sweden, that is the method they use.”

Additionally, Dr. Frank HABINEZA plans to increase the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources’ budget to ensure self-sufficiency in food matters, as agriculture and breeding are crucial for 90% of Rwandans.

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