July 19, 2024


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Green Party’s Commitment to Enhancing Citizen Participation in Decision-Making Processes

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’s secretary general (DGPR) said they are dedicated to the promotion of citizen participation in decision-making processes, as they are the center of development and beneficiaries.

This address was made on Saturday, June 29, 2024, during the presidential and Members of Parliament (MPs) campaign of the DGPR that took place in the KABAYA sector, Ngororero district.

It is the campaign that saw a good attendance in which youths showed up in numbers.

Speaking to the attendants, the party’s secretary general and campaign manager, Jean Claude NTEZIMANA, said that

“Involving citizens in the decision-making process is on our agenda. It is even a part of sharing leadership. Citizen participation in every activity is vital because what you wish for me today mightn’t fully represent my wishes except if you ask me and let me express my mind to avoid misinterpretation. If I express my mind, I really say it in a swift and pleasant way.”

Dr. Frank Habineza, the party’s chairman and presidential candidate, said that they wish to see people participating in daily activities to develop the nation. He emphasized security, citing the proposal of “the establishment of the National Security Council.”.

He said, “We proposed the establishment of the National Security Council… We wish sustainable security for Rwanda. We wish for sustainable peace. We wish for sustainable development. It’s a sustainable economy. We will only get that through teamwork, sustainable security, and unity. Unity is essential.”

In addition, Habineza reminded the residents of Ngororero district their impact on the parliament, which saw an increase in salaries for teachers, police, and the army, and a reduction in tax on land, to be brief. He therefore promised to assist them in achieving more if elected president.

Reacting to the manifesto of the DGPR, the residents who participated were pleased to hear it and said citizen involvement is crucial since they feel valued.

Gilbert Bigirimana said, “Involving citizens in decision-making processes from villages is good. We can feel valued, and it is so helpful. For example, if we wish for a bus park or road and share our thoughts and see them in execution, it is great.” 

Adding to what Bigirimana said, Ayinkamiye noted, “Our participation is needed. If we are heard, we will be able to get medication on mutuelle de santé, which is impossible today. We are sent to go and buy from private pharmacies. Also, if value-added tax (VAT) is reduced, we can try small businesses and develop.”

Dr. Frank Habineza failed in the 2017 presidential election, but his party secured two MPs and one senator.

He revealed that over 70% of their manifesto had been achieved. He asked them to vote for MPs and president from DGPR to help execute their manifesto after the 2024 election.

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