July 19, 2024


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Green Party’s Diplomatic Vision: Resolving Border Disputes for Regional Stability

On the seventh day of the national electoral campaign for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections scheduled for July 2024, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) continued its campaign rallies in Gisagara and Ruhango Districts in the Southern Province on Friday, June 28.

While in Gisagara district, the party chairperson and presidential candidate, Dr. Frank Habineza, along with 50 party MP candidates, was welcomed by the Executive Secretary of Musha Sector, Augustin MURENZI.

In his speech, Mr. Augustin expressed gratitude to Green Party activists for their campaign in this sector, stating that the Musha sector and the country in general are safe. He urged the party’s candidates to focus on their performance to the voters.

He said, “We welcome you to this sector; sit down and get back to what you will deliver to the people who will vote for you.”

Dr. Frank Habineza, the party’s presidential candidate, addressed diplomacy issues in front of a large crowd, promising to solve them for peaceful regional community living.

He said, “We must establish agreements between neighboring or international countries so that even if we maintain permanent relations, no country decides to close the border of another.”

The Green Party aims to resolve border issues within the East African Community framework, easing prejudices and promoting business progress, as closing borders would negatively impact their people.

While in Ruhango, Dr. Frank HABINEZA pledged to make every effort to maintain open and welcoming borders in foreign policy terms.

He emphasized the importance of his party’s achievements, including increased salaries, school food, and reduced property taxes, in securing their election victory.

Furthermore, Habineza plans to increase university professor and doctor salaries, eliminate vagrancy centers, and provide 100 liters of free water to everyone upon election.

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