July 19, 2024


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Infrastructure and Innovation: Democratic Green Party’s Vision for Rwanda’s Waterfront Communities

On the tenth day of the national electoral campaign for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections scheduled for July 2024, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) continued its campaign rallies in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts in the Western Province on Monday, July 01.

While in Kamembe Sector, Rusizi District, Dr. Frank Habineza, the party’s chairperson and presidential candidate, along with 50 party parliamentary candidates, was welcomed by Executive Secretary of Kamembe Sector, Iyakaremye Jean Pierre, who expressed his happiness to welcome Green Party’s presidential candidate.

He said, “We are happy to host Dr. Frank Habineza and the activists of DGPR, as it is known in Rwanda, including the campaign. Here in Kamembe, we welcome them without any problem, and we assure them of complete security; the rest is the choice of the people.”

In his speech, Dr. Frank Habineza emphasized the importance of infrastructure development for areas working on lakes or rivers, arguing that residents should not be taught the missing skills for quick development.

Habineza revealed that he aims to establish schools in river regions in Rwanda after taking an oath in September, teaching boat driving and obtaining driving licenses, enabling job opportunities in each country.

He continued that he plans to enhance fishing techniques to increase the quantity of fish.

He said, “Fisheries in these areas will be developed so that there will be no lake lacks fish breeding, especially since I will establish a professional fish breeding system. Our party’s plan involves establishing a fishmeal processing plant near Lake Kivu to address the concerns of fish farmers and ensure a sustainable livelihood.”

Dr. Frank also announced plans to provide a fish processing plant, a fishing school, and other related water-related facilities.

While campaigning in Kanjongo Sector, Nyamasheke District, Green Party activists were welcomed by the Executive Secretary of Kanjogo Sector, Kanyogore Cyimana, who encouraged residents to understand the party’s manifesto and make their own choices.

Jean Claude Ntezimana, the Party’s Secretary General, emphasized the party’s achievements and the potential for even greater success if Dr. Frank Habineza is elected as President of the Republic.

He assured the residents of Nyamasheke that the Green Party is a transparent and honest party committed to sustainable development.

Dr. Frank Habineza said that although the Nyamasheke region does not work in Kivu, the Green Party has a plan that every sector of the country will be set up in a factory related to what they do, whether it is agriculture and breeding, fishing, or so on.

Dr. Frank Habineza outlined that the Green Party plans to establish factories in all sectors of the country, including agriculture, breeding, and fishing, despite the Nyamasheke region not being operational in Kivu. He mentioned the establishment of a vocational training school in the vicinity.

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