July 19, 2024


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Dr. Frank Habineza Pledges Salary Increase for Security Agencies During Campaign Rallies in Western Province

Dr. Frank Habineza, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) presidential candidate, promised to raise the salaries of soldiers, police, and other security agencies if he wins the presidential election. This commitment was announced during his campaign rallies in the Nyabihu and Rubavu Districts of Western Province on Tuesday, July 02, 2024.

During his visits to both districts, Habineza was warmly received by a large crowd of supporters and government officials. In Nyabihu, he was greeted by the district’s Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Pascal Simpenzwe, while in Rubavu, he was welcomed by the district’s mayor, Prosper Mulindwa. Both officials extended their well wishes for a successful campaign and emphasized the importance of peace and prosperity in Rwanda.

Dr. Frank Habineza presented plans to Nyabihu and Rubavu, including a fertilizer factory for agriculture and livestock, and focusing on security forces’ salaries and their contributions to combat obesity and malnutrition.

He said, “Security is essential for work and safety, and despite advancements in satellites, poor salaries for security guards hinder public safety.”

He added, “If you vote for us, we promise to increase those salaries so that soldiers, police, and other security agencies can work happily, be more efficient, and be safer.”

Additionally, Hon. Dr. Habineza reaffirmed the party’s manifesto, advocating for land tax abolition, ending injustices, and boosting doctor and university teacher salaries.

He promised that everything would be well and quickly for them if they vote for him.

The competition features Paul Kagame from FPR-Inkotanyi, Habineza Frank from the Green Party of Rwanda, and Mpayimana Philippe as an independent candidate.

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