July 19, 2024


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Green Party’s Frank Habineza Promises Special Budget for Clean Water Access in Rwanda

During his campaign rallies in Bugesera and Kicukiro Districts, Dr. Frank Habineza, the Green Party’s chairperson and presidential candidate, announced plans to establish a special budget to ensure adequate clean water supply for residents.

In Bugesera, The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) campaigned in the Juru Sector, while in Kicukiro, Frank Habineza and deputy candidates campaigned in the Gahanga Sector’s commercial area, claiming an extraordinary turnout.

Habineza urged the public to vote for the Green Party in upcoming elections to implement their economic, justice, and welfare plans.

He assured the residents that voting for Frank Habineza and the party’s MP candidates would not be regrettable.

Dr. Frank Habineza, the presidential candidate, emphasized the right of citizens to clean water and pledged to assist them if elected president.

He said, “Here in the East, you often have a problem with clean drinking water. This problem is in our plan, and we promise you that if you trust us, the Rwandan Constitution guarantees environmental rights, which cannot be compromised by dirty water.”

He added, “Based on that article and other international laws, we will request that there be a special budget that every Rwandan should have at least 100 liters (5 jerrycans per day) without having to pay; what I am saying is popular in other countries, including South Africa.”

Furthermore, Dr. Frank Habineza promised residents of these areas to build new roads and small factories for development, enhance the school feeding program by creating a daily plan for children’s meals, ensure they receive a nutritious meal, reform the agricultural system, limit provisional imprisonment, create a compensation fund for incarcerated individuals, address the youth unemployment problem, and eliminate the land tax.

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