July 19, 2024


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Transforming Muhanga’s Mining Sector: Dr. Frank Habineza’s Commitment to Economic Growth

During a campaign rally on Tuesday, July 09, 2024, Dr. Frank Habineza, the presidential candidate for the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR), made a promise to enhance mining in Muhanga for the benefit of the local population.

As the party’s chairperson and presidential candidate, Dr. Habineza addressed residents in Nyamabuye Sector of Muhanga, informing them about the party’s manifesto and emphasizing the issue of illegal mining in the district. He specifically mentioned the dangers posed by unlicensed miners, who often contribute to fatalities in mining operations.

Habineza envisions increased efficiency in mining, leveraging technology and local authorities’ discerning document provision if elected president.

He advocated for the use of technology in mining, urging mayors to ensure that only those meeting requirements receive the necessary documents.

He emphasized the importance of proper measurement and location before mining, preventing chaos and ensuring successful discovery.

He said, “I have observed that people tend to mine based on their instincts, moving from one location to another without success. However, by placing trust in us, we can establish a method to accurately assess the soil before mining. This will enable miners to confidently determine the presence of minerals in the area.”

Dr. Frank Habineza highlighted that despite the majority of the country being mined, the neighboring community suffers from poverty due to the immediate export of the minerals.

He proposed that if elected president, a mineral processing plant would be constructed in every available region to enhance its value.

He said, “Another issue that I’ve observed is the extraction and export of minerals from our area, leading to others profiting while we are left impoverished. Despite decades of mining, there has been little development. To address this, we plan to establish a local industry for processing these minerals before export, ensuring that we receive fair compensation that will positively impact our communities.”

Dr. Frank Habineza emphasized that these industries will create jobs, addressing unemployment issues among youth and the elderly.

Other pledges include the Muhanga-Karongi road repair and addressing the issues of land grants or the destruction of other activities in Muhanga.

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