July 19, 2024


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Promises of Progress: Democratic Green Party’s Cooking Gas Subsidy Plan in Rwanda

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) has pledged to create an advocacy group that will push for affordable cooking gas for Rwandans if they elect the party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Frank Habineza. This promise was made during campaign events in the Rulindo and Gakenke Districts of the Northern Province on Thursday, July 05, 2024.

Jean Marie MWISENEZA, the party’s commissioner in the Northern Province, highlighted the ongoing reliance on wood or charcoal for cooking in Rwanda, especially in Rulindo.

Commissioner Mwiseneza argued that the Green Party’s primary goal is environmental protection.

He pointed out that the high cost of cooking gas is a significant barrier for many Rwandans.

“Today, the cheapest gas for someone new to using it is Rwf40,000. The party aims to subsidize cooking gas so that individuals can purchase it for less than Rwf10,000 for the first time users.”

Dr. Frank Habineza, the Green Party’s chairman and presidential candidate, praised the people of these districts who trusted and voted for them in the last elections.

He praised their votes, citing the previous election where his party won two MPs Positions and one senator, promising to bring them to sustainable development.

Habineza added that Green Party plans to promote the people and reduce interest rates on loans from all Rwandan banks to no more than 12%.

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