July 22, 2024


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Butera Knowless Expresses Gratitude to President Kagame and Encourages Youth to Support Him

Artist Butera Knowless, representing the people of Bugesera District, made a heartfelt request to President Paul Kagame. She asked him to invite the residents of Bugesera to celebrate his victory after winning the upcoming Presidential election.

Knowless expressed her happiness with the progress in Bugesera District and praised President Kagame for becoming a neighbor to the Bugesera residents.

Knowless highlighted that Kagame’s decision home in Bugesera has increased the value of the district, making it a desirable place to live.

President Kagame, in response to Knowless’ request, promised to invite the people of Bugesera to a celebration after his expected victory in the upcoming elections.

In his speech to over 250,000 people gathered in Bugesera District, President Kagame emphasized the importance of unity and progress in Rwanda. He stated that his decision to live in Bugesera was a symbolic gesture to show that you can live any where in Rwanda.

Knowless, a renowned Rwandan artist, pledged her support to President Kagame and assured him that the youth of Rwanda would stand by him. She expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by Kagame’s government, including access to education and support for young people like herself.

Reflecting on her own challenging upbringing as an orphan, Knowless shared her journey to success and credited President Kagame for creating opportunities for all Rwandan youth. She urged the residents of Bugesera to vote for Kagame in the upcoming elections, emphasizing his commitment to building a better future for Rwanda.

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